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Beneficial at MMDLWT

1. Xerox Copy of Aadhar card, Bank Passbook and Colour Passport size photo will be given at the time of registration in this trust. At first he will give Rs.250/- as fee and Rs.300/- will be deposited each months regularly up to 10years, after that he will take assistance at the time of any occurrence.

2. After 15 days of registration, Registration card will be issued in his favour. After receiving the above card Rs. 30/- will be paid in each month continuing to 6 months which will be Rs.180/-.One time lifetime renewal Rs.1180/-.

3. Trust can’t be help any illegal person.

4. Trust doesn’t pressure anybody for registration. Anybody can register in this trust by his own willingness and he will be punished according to the law at the time of misrepresented or misbehave to the member of trust.

5. Anybody can be assured Rs.50, 000/-as accidental death and Rs.5, 000/- as injury, if he would be registered member of the trust.

6. If a register card holder of the trust is not liable to work, Rs.1200/- to be given in his favour and his children can help for their study.

7. After one year receiving of the card, he can help from the trust for dangerous disease and any operation.

8. Any register member take home appliance from the trust by marginal price and easily.

9. Request and caution to everybody, If you giving any fee or cash should be check his identity card and trust registration number and after receiving the money receipt you pay that amount, otherwise trust is not liable for the same.

10. Money can’t be refunded after issuing the money receipt by the trust.

11.Above 60 years card holder member can get pension Rs.100/- monthly.

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